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Machine Lubricants

Slideways Oils

Designed for machine tool slide-way performance this formulation contains a multi functional additive package combined with a high quality solvent  refined mineral oil.  Gives good anti-stick slip performance on machine beds and a tacky, tenacious film is formed to promote smooth slide and rust protection.

EPVG Industrial Gear Oils

T HA M E S EP VG oils are high quality, lead-free, extreme-pressure oils designed, primarily, for the lubrication of heavy duty industrial gears.  Their high load carrying capacity and anti-friction characteristics combine to offer superior performance in gears and other industrial applications. Suitable for both ferrous and non ferrous materials enabling a wide range of gear applications including worm reduction units. T H A M E S EP VG Oils are formulated using high viscosity index, solvent refined, base oils and incorporate a special sulphur-phosphorus additive to provide an extreme pressure performance which allow trouble free application in following areas:

  • Steel gear transmissions

  • Industrial gear drives where a full EP performance is required

  • Bearings

  • Circulating and splash lubricated systems

SILKGEAR Synthetic Industrial lubricants

THAMES SILKGEAR is uniquely formulated specialist package containing highly refined, high performance synthetic base fluids and esters.

The specialist tailored performance package of synthetic components are blended and composed to produce a gear lubricant designed to operate at the leading edge of industrial transmission demands.


Available in a range of viscosities to suit all applications this product exhibits exceptional thermal stability and low oxidation in both extremely hot and cold environments.


Reinforced surface film strength and extreme pressure protection additives combine to demonstrate superior cushioning film strength enhanced with outstanding anti-wear performance, anti-corrosion and viscosity retention characteristics.

P grade Lubricating Oils

Premium quality straight lubricating oils of varying viscosities.

Industrial Lubricating Oils
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