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Synform medium viscosity, chlorinated and sulphurised, forming oil. It is specifically developed for medium to heavy duty deep drawing operations. It is a blend of high performance extreme pressure and boundary lubricants and anti wear additives, in a fully solvent refined paraffinic mineral oil.


Synform Medium is specially formulated for use in single die and progressive die presses for medium to heavy deep drawing applications. It is suitable for use on steels, stainless steels and nickel alloy steels


Does not contain hazardous aromatic constituents.

Contains high performance extreme pressure, lubricity and anti wear additives.

Maximises die life and provides excellent surface finish.

Minimises costs associated with die repolishing.

Excellent detergency.

Removes metallic fines and particles from dies, eliminating defects associated with particulates. Improved surface finish, reducing scrap and rework costs.

SYNFORM Forming Oil Medium

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