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Metal working Fluid Management & Condition Monitoring

Thames provides the expertise to manage your metal working fluids, chemical washes and lubrication oils. All work undertaken follows Health and Safety Executive guidelines MW1, MW2, MW3, MW4, MW5 and 2002 COSHH regulations. We will reduce your risk of cutting fluid related issues and claims - saving you money. We will visit your machine shop at the agreed frequency, record results, provide recommendations, even take corrective actions leaving you to concentrate on your core business.

Our Service

  • Refractometer Checks

  • PH Checks 

  • Dip Slide testing

  • Bacteria Count

  • Tramp Oil reporting

  • Neat oil sampling

  • Wash checks

  • Corrective actions

  • Operator training

  • Detailed Analysis

  • Recommendations

Pipette Inserted Into Test Tube

​What we do and what makes us unique!

  1. We visit a customer’s site at a set frequency to complete the following activity.

    1. Concentration and PH checks of each metalworking system with the results graphed on every machine.

    2. Visual checks for tramp oil, contamination and odour.

    3. Full compliance with the HSE’s MW2 and MW5 metalworking requirements.

    4. Operator awareness training with every visit to promote best practice in metalworking fluid use.

    5. Dip slide testing of every system with auditable reporting on any bacteria present in colony forming units per millilitre – results also graphed on every machine.

    6. Controlled use of biocides to eliminate bacteria – this generally prolongs the life of the fluid for up to / over a year – saving money on cleanouts, labour and disposal costs, where bacteria contamination is present.

    7. Any actions completed at a machine is documented and signed off on each machine chart.

    8. Our processes have been audited by the HSE on numerous occasions and I’m pleased to say that we have never had to make a corrective action.

Your Benefits

  • HSE Compliance

  • Independant company analysis

  • Longer System life

  • Improved tooling performance

  • Operator satisfaction

  • Reduced risk of skin issues

  • Increase in machine up time

  • Eliminate bacteria and coolant smells

  • Lower disposal costs

  • Increase in production

  • Reduced administration

  • Reduced Health & Safety Issues

Services tailored to meet your requirements

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