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On Tuesday 13th August the Provincial Grand Master, John Lockley endorsed and launched a massive advertising campaign to support the Masonic Charitable Foundation and the work they do to help communities throughout England and Wales with donations to local charities.
The massive advert is on the side of an articulated trailer owned by Danny Poole who owns a specialist chilled food distribution and transport business based in Stoke on Trent.
This giant trailer is 100 % decorated in specially commissioned MCF colours and branding  and has just been launched onto the roads of the UK and Europe, in particular England, France, Germany and Belgium.
The idea was generated by Danny Poole and his wife Jackie.  Danny approached the Staffordshire MCF Representative Andrew Tomblin and generously offered a trailer for decoration in full MCF colours to carry the Masonic message of Charity For All across the Country and into Europe.  These trailers never stand still and rather like aircraft are out there somewhere constantly working and being seen by all.
Andrew took the idea and discussed the plan with the MCF marketing department team which resulted in the creation of the new artwork which is designed to carry the Masonic message across the entire length of the trailer and the rear doors.
The Staffordshire Provincial Team consisting of John Lockley PGM, Selwyn Burton Provincial Communications Officer (behind the camera), Neal Fantarow Media Officer, John Skellern Provincial Grand Charity Steward and Andrew Tomblin MCF representative waited in extreme anticipation at Andrew's lubricating oil factory, Thames, for the arrival of the vehicle at 2pm on Tuesday.  This venue being so chosen as the only site big enough to accept the massive trailer at its best angle for photographs.
The vehicle is breathtakingly large and very eye catching and will take freemasonry’s caring message far and wide.
John Lockley said ‘This is the only vehicle in the country to carry the message that “freemasonry cares”, many thanks to Danny and Jackie for their great idea and for allowing the use of this magnificent vehicle to help Staffordshire to promote the Masonic Charitable Foundation, nationally and internationally and also to Andrew Tomblin for his management of the project’.
If you see the lorry on the road and can take a photograph, please send it with the location to when it can go onto the Provincial Facebook page.  If you see the vehicle parked up, perhaps on a motorway service station, say ‘hello’ to the driver ‘Zibby’.
Photo 1 shows left to right:  John Skellern, Provincial Charity Steward, Neil Fantarrow, Editor of Within Your Province the Staffordshire Masonic Magazine, Danny Poole, owner of DWP and local freemason, Andrew Tomblin, MCF representative, John Lockley, Provincial Grand Master.

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