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Supergear 903 Water resistant Super EP Gear Lubricant




  • Excellent friction and wear reduction dramatically increases the life of the gear transmissions
  • Outstanding Tenacity tracks all gear train movement leaving no friction point exposed
  • Limited Slip Differential Performance
  • Controls Acid & Friction to increase Gear Efficiency
  • High Water Resistance, lubricates and protects in humid environments




The latest high level performing additives packages protect against corrosion, oxidation and water leaching. Common castings are naturally wrecked from the friction area. Supergear 903 however, counteracts this and seeks to centre ensuring optimal lubrication.

Allows transmissions, differentials and gearboxes to maintain efficiency for long periods. High water resistance, reduces acid and frictional wear. For multi-purpose, hypoid and extreme pressure applications as well as worm gear and limited slip differential applications.

Supergear 903 is non foaming, eliminating pressure build up against seals and reducing risk of leaks. The high water resistance of Sapphire 903 gives instant separation so water can be drained without needing to change the oil. Special additives ensure Sapphire 903 adheres to metal surfaces even under extreme pressures preventing premature wear and reducing friction. This feature can assist in noise and temperature reductions. Supergear 903 lasting lubricating film both protects metal surfaces against corrosion during long periods of idleness and provides instant lubrication at start up. Thames superior formulation will greatly extend the service life of equipment and at same time reduce the need to change oil as regular as previously. Usually Sapphire 903 will outlast service life of machinery


Typical applications


Supergear 903 is suitable for manual gearboxes, hypoid differentials (including limited slip), industrial gearboxes, yachts.

Recommended for use in transmissions where: EP (extreme pressure), MP (multipurpose), HP (hypoid), LS (limited slip) or where demands for a gear oil to withstand high loads are encountered.


Not for use in automatic transmissions or engine crankcases


Gearshield 903 Water resistant Super EP Gear Lubricant

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