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A dispersion of molybdenum disulphide in mineral oil.


Features / Benefits


  • Mobile, easy to handle liquid
  • Enables the addition of molybdenum disulphide to oil based products used in environments of high stress
  • Ideal for dilution prior to use
  • Brad-Chem DP3523 can be used undiluted and can be brush, spray or dip applied to components prior to assembly.


  • Applications / Typical Treat Rates

    Brad-Chem DP3523 can reduce wear, improve efficiency and quieten internal combustion engines. It can be used in plain and roller bearings and slideways where stick slip is a problem. Brad-Chem DP3523 can be used on high performance gearboxes, e.g. conveyor drives, automatic transmissions and machine tools drives.

    Internal combustion engine oils                                  5 – 20% w/w

    Greases                                                                        5 – 30% w/w

    Gear oils                                                                      5 – 30% w/w


    Typical Properties

    Appearance                                                                 Grey oily liquid

    Solids Content (%)                                                      ca 20

    Flash Point (°C)                                                          ca. 218

    Particle Size Range (micron)                                      0.4 – 10, Median = 1.5

    Shelf life                                                                     12 month

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