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Food Safe Equipment Guide


The lubricant recommendations listed below provide details of the most cost effective products


EQUIPMENT                              APPLICATION                                    PRODUCT


Food processing & freezer stores


Fork lift trucks                       Wheel bearings & grease points      Lithium EP2/Quartz Low Temp 2

                                                Masts                                                   Quartz Assembly Paste

                                                Chains                                                  Quartz Multi-spray

Meat separator                      Main bearings                                     Quartz Plus 2

Cold/freezer stores               Fan bearings                                       Quartz Low Temp 2

                                                Trolley wheel bearings                       Quartz Low Temp 2

Spiral Freezer                                

Cold Store 


Ovens (Denholm Cox)           Bottom bearings                                 Quartz High Temp Fluid M

                                                Bank of nipples                                   Quartz Synthetic High Temp 2

Mixer (Artofex)                      Nipple                                                   Quartz Plus 1

                                                Gearbox (grease lubricated)              Quartz Plus 1

Mixer (Miller Gilbert)                       Bearings                                    Quartz Plus 2

Miner (Seydelman)                Bearings                                              Quartz Plus 2


Vegetable Manufacture


Loading conveyor                   Bearings                                              Quartz Plus 2

Dicing machine                      Bearings (grease nipples)                   Quartz Plus 2

Shredder                                 Bearings                                              Quartz Plus 2

Slicer (Urshel)                         Bearings                                              Quartz Plus 2

Cabbage shredder                   Shafts                                                  Quartz Plus 2

Urschel Shredder

Drive chains                           All                                                       Quartz Multi-spray

Metal check conveyor            Bearings                                              Quartz Plus 2

Whole onion conveyor           Bearings                                              Quartz Plus 2

Hopper                                    Bearings                                              Quartz Plus 2

Peeler feed belt                       Bearings                                              Quartz Plus 2

Peeler                                      Bearings                                              Quartz Plus 2

Inspection belt                        Bearings                                              Quartz Plus 2

Dipper                                     Bearings                                              Quartz Plus 2

Bagger belt                             Bearings                                              Quartz Plus 2

Quartering machine                Bearings                                              Quartz Life 2

                                                Ram bush                                            Quartz Plus 2

Steam peeler                           Main bearings & ram quadrant          Quartz Life 2

                                                Ram hopper door                                Quartz Plus 2

Scrubber (Magnusson)           Bearings & roll cartridges                 Quartz Life 2

                                                End bearings                                       Quartz Plus 2

Rod washer                             Plummer block bearings                    Quartz Life 2

Dicer (Urshel)                        Nipples                                               Quartz Plus 2

Cooker (Mather & Platt)        Extractor fan bearings                        Quartz Life 2

                                                Dashpots on main bearings                Quartz Life 2

Mincer (ABR)                        Nipples                                               Quartz Plus 2

                                                Bearings                                              Quartz Plus 2

                                                Screw lift                                            Quartz Plus 2

Sliver drum                             Bearing                                               Quartz Life 2

Screen                                     Brush bearings                                   Quartz Plus 2

Blancher                                 Bearings                                              Quartz Synthetic High Temp 2

Potato peeler (Nymek)           Bearings                                              Quartz Plus 2


Meat Grinder




Drive chains                           All                                                       Quartz Multi-spray

Blanchers                                Bearings                                              Quartz Plus 2

Conveyors                               Bearings                                              Quartz Plus 2

Feed belts                               Bearings                                              Quartz Plus 2

Filler machine                                    Bearings                                   Quartz Plus 2

Filler heads                             Drive shaft bearings                           Quartz Plus 2

                                                Belt drive bearings                             Quartz Plus 2

                                                Other bearings                                      Quartz Plus 2

Seamers                                  Drive shaft bearings                           Quartz Plus 2

                                                Seamer heads                                      Quartz Plus 2

Magnetic elevators                 Bearings                                              Quartz Life 2

Overhead line conveyors        Bearings                                              Quartz Life 2

Off-loader                               Bearings                                              Quartz Life 2

                                                Ram                                                    Quartz Life 2

Stove cookers                         Bearings                                              Quartz Life 2

Steam cookers                        Drive shaft bearings                           Quartz Plus 2

Feed conveyors                       Bearings                                              Quartz Life 2

Labeller                                  Bearings (including conveyor)          Quartz Life 2

Tray former                            Bearings                                              Quartz Life 2

Shrink-wrap machine             Bearings                                              Quartz Synthetic High Temp 2

Motors                                                Bearings                                              Quartz Life 2




Abattoirs and Meat Production                                                     


General                                   Grease lubricated gearboxes              Quartz Gearbox Grease 000

                                                Mill fan bearings                                Quartz Synthetic High Temp 2

                                                End bearings                                       Quartz Life 2

                                                Washer unit bearings                         Ocean 2

                                                Hoist lubrication                                Quartz Plus 2

                                                Spreader lead screws                          Quartz Plus 2

                                                Rotary pen rollers                               Quartz Plus 2

                                                Guillotine doors and levers                Quartz Plus 2

                                                Stunning pens doors and levers         Quartz Plus 2

                                                Pig Line elevators - general lube       Quartz Life 2

                                                Pig de-hairer shaft bearings               Quartz Plus 2


Slaughter House (Pig Line)


Overhead conveyors                           Chains                                     Diamond chain & gear oil

Restrainer                                           Bearings                                  Quartz Plus 2

Hoist                                                   Chain                                      Quartz Plus 2

Bleeding rail                                       Chain                                      Quartz Plus 2

De-elevator                                         Hoist chain                             Quartz Plus 2

Hair brush                                           Bearings                                  Quartz Plus 2

Whipping machine                             Plummer blocks                     Quartz Plus 2

Red offal conveyor                             Bearings                                  Quartz Plus 2

Knives (wizzard)                                Nipple                                     Quartz Plus 2

Stretch wrapper (Omori/STCI)          Bearings                                  Quartz Plus 2

Slicer (Holoc/Webber)                       Bearings & shafts                   Quartz Plus 2

Bacon spiker (Letetia)                                    Bacon spiker slides                Quartz Plus 2

Pickling injectors (Gunther)              Nipples & shafts                     Quartz Plus 2

Sealing machine (Letetia)                  Bearings & slides                   Quartz Plus 2

Drive chains                                       All                                           Quartz Multi-spray



Slaughter House (Beef line)


Overhead conveyors                           Chains                                     Diamond chain & gear oil

Saw                                                      Blade bearings                                    Quartz Plus 2

Cable hoist                                           Cable rollers                           Quartz Plus 2

Rise & Fall platform                           Bearings                                  Quartz Plus 2

Hyde stripper                                       Plummer blocks                     Quartz Plus 2

Conveyor                                             Take-up bearings                    Quartz Plus 2

Fronting rail                                        Rollers                                                Quartz Plus 2

Refrigeration plant                             Motor bearings                       Quartz Low Temp 2

                                                                Fans & pump bearings                       Quartz Low Temp 2

Meat grinders/Mixer grinders                        Bearings                                  Quartz Plus 2

Displacement pumps                          Bearings                                  Quartz Plus 2


Meat Grinders                   





Conveyors                                                   Bearings                                  Quartz Plus 2

Extraction fans                                         Bearings                                  Quartz Synthetic High Temp 2

Packaging / Wrapping equipment          General lubrication                Quartz Plus 2

Mixers                                                        Shaft bearings                         Quartz High temp


Sugar refineries


Crusher plant                                              Bearings                                  Quartz Life 2

Sugar driers                                               Fan bearings                           Quartz Synthetic High Temp 2

                                                                     Pelletiser                                 Quartz V R Grease 2.5

                                                                     Drive chains                           Quartz Multi-spray




Blowers (Peabody holmes)                            Grease points                          Quartz Life 2

Flour flows                                                     Couplings                               Quartz Life 2

Divider & Moulders (Baker Perkins)            Bearings                                  Quartz Plus 2

Mixing & blending machines                        Bearings                                  Quartz Plus 2

Mixer (Pier Roberto/Morton/Artiflex)          Bearings                                  Quartz Plus 2

                                                                        Elevation slides & threads     Quartz Plus 2

Provers (Baker Perkins)                                 Bearings                                  Quartz Plus 2

                                                                        Idler sprockets                                    Quartz Plus 2

Panners                                                           Side belt bearings                   Quartz Plus 2

                                                                        Extraction fan bearings          Quartz Life 2

                                                                        All other bearings                   Quartz Plus 2

Pan ovens                                                        Chains                               Diamond High Temp Fluid G




Ovens                                                              External drum bearings          Phalanx EP2M

                                                                        External conveyor bearings   Quartz Plus 2

                                                                        Conveyor chains                     Diamond HT chain oil 1212

                                                                        All bearings on idler sprocket            Quartz High Temp 2



Rack ovens (Polin)                                         Grease points                          Quartz Plus 2

                                                                        Fan bearings                           Quartz Life 2

Rack ovens (Dahlen)                                      Hook bearings                      Quartz Synthetic high temp 2

Rack oven (APV)                                           Door hinges & bearings         Quartz High Temp 2

Reel over (Double D)                                     Reel plain bearings                 Diamond High temp fluid M

                                                                        Shaft                                     Quartz Synthetic High Temp 2

De-panner (Baker Perkins)                            All bearings                            Quartz Plus 2

Cooler (Baker Perkins)                                  Worm gear bearings               Quartz Life 2

                                                                        All other bearings                   Quartz Plus 2

Slicer                                                              Cutter bearings                       Quartz Plus 2

Bagger (Jaquar)                                              Bearings                                  Quartz Plus 2

Bag sealer                                                       Bearings                                  Quartz Plus 2

Wrapping machine (Pada)                             Grease points                          Quartz Life 2

                                                                        Sealing jaw bearings              Quartz Synthetic high temp 2

Crater                                                              Bearings                                  Quartz Plus 2

Carton erector                                                 Bearings                                  Quartz Plus 2

                                                                        Slides                                      Quartz Plus 2

                                                                        Chains                                     Quartz Multi-spray






Carton Erector


Cake Manufacture


Fruit wash machine                                        Bearings                                  Quartz Plus 2

Sieves (Russel)                                               Bearings                                  Quartz Plus 2

Bowls                                                              Wheel bearings                       Quartz Plus 2

Bowl hoist                                                      Drive shaft bearings               Quartz Plus 2

                                                                        Guide bearings & drive nut    Quartz Plus 2

Mixer (Tweedy)                                             Bearings                                  Quartz Plus 2

Viennese Mixer                                              Lifting chain & bearings        Quartz Plus 2

Mixer (Diosna/Silverson)                              Bearings                                  Quartz Plus 2

Mixer (Mondo)                                               Lifting shafts                          Quartz Plus 2

                                                                        Product cylinder                     Quartz Plus 2

Cake line depositor                                        Product cylinder                     Quartz Plus 2

                                                                        Apple mini                              Quartz Plus 2

Mixer (Hobart)                                               Bearings & slides                   Quartz Plus 2

Rack ovens                                                     Bottom bearings & castors    Diamond High temp fluid M

Fan ovens                                                        Grease nipples                                    Quartz Synthetic high temp 2

Steamer                                                           Fan bearings                           Quartz High Temp 2

Conveyor                                                        End bearings                           Quartz Plus 2

Sheeter                                                                        Bearings                                  Quartz Plus 2

Depositor                                                        Cylinders                                Quartz Plus 2

Transfer pump                                                            Cylinder                                  Quartz Plus 2

Labeller                                                          Bearings                                  Quartz Plus 2

Wrapping machines                                       Bearings                                  Quartz Plus 2

Wrapper (Carrington Bunch)                         Bearings Via pump                 Quartz Plus 00

Check weigher                                                            Bearings                                  Quartz Plus 2

Drive chains                                                   All                                           Quartz Multi-spray

INS Registered Products

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