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Thames Ultra Heavy Grease 89 is a premium grease designed to protect and lubricate heavy-duty bearings operated at a wide range of speeds in moist operating condition. It is formulated with mixed-base multi-complex thickener and a package of advanced additives to offer exceptional loadcarrying properties, excellent corrosion protection and water washout resistance over a wide range of temperatures. This grease is highly recommended, ultimately, to prolong the service lives of bearings and other greaselubricated components of heavy-duty machineries/equipment in industries such as agriculture, cement, construction, mining, quarrying, etc.


EXCEPTIONAL LOAD-CARRYING CAPABILITY: Quality designed to outperform all conventional EP (Extreme Pressure) greases, Thames 89 is formulated with an innovative mixed-base multi-complex thickener with outstanding EP performance. Based upon a mixture of lithium and calcium metal soaps processed with complexing agents, this special thickener offers outstanding lubricity, anti-wear property and load-carrying capability. The EP performance of Omega 89 is further enhanced by the addition of an advanced EP additive. To evaluate the EP performance of lubricating greases, a generally accepted test called “Four Ball (4-ball) Weld Load” test is used. Typically, greases with rating of over 250 kgf in the 4-ball weld load test can be classified as EP greases. Omega 89 out-performs the conventional EP greases by over three times with a rating of not less than 800 kgf. In the market, this exceptional rating is unmatched by 95% of the EP greases without the use of solid additives.

Thames Ultra Heavy Grease 89


    Appearance - Smooth, Red

    Specific Gravity - 0.9

    Thickener - Li/Ca Multi-Complex

    Base Fluid - Mineral Oil

    Dropping Point, °C ASTM D-2265 >260

    Worked Penetration D-217 285 - 315

    Four Ball Weld Load, Kg IP 239 (ASTM D-2596) >800

    Water Washout, % Loss @ 38°C ASTM D-1264 <1

    Copper Corrosion IP 112

    Pass dN Factor @ 100°C: Deep groove ball bearing - 400,000 Spherical/cylindrical bearing - 200,000

    Recommended Operating Temperature Range, °C - -30 to 150

    The characteristics given above are typical of current production only and slight batch to batch variations should be expected.

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