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Thames Lubricants Ltd
We Blend Quality Lubricating oils using virgin base oil and additve packages formulated by Shell & Exonnmobil. We are specialists in custom blending and take pride in our excellent customer driven service. 
We provide an extensive range of:

* Hydraulic Oils
* Cuttings Oils
* Engine Oils 
* Biodegradable Oils 
* Industrial Gear Oils
* Synthetic Industrial Gear Oil
* Food Safe Oils and Greases

We also provide:
Exol Lubricants, Autol Grease & Omega's full range of specialist greases.

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T H A M E S is an independent British lubricant manufacturer. Our mission:

  • To blend lubricating oils with our tradition of high manufacturing standards.

  • Invest in the welfare & skills of our family of employees.

  • Excel our customer’s expectations in all areas.

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Omega Specialist Grease Supplier

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