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NSF Registered Food Safe Oils
Hydraulic | Gear Compressor 

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Manufactured using high performance synthetic base oils to allow wide operating temperatures and maximum performance. FS Hyd Oils are suitable for hydraulic systems within the food industry. Benefits
* Clean lubricating oil
* Can be used in food and pharmaceutical production facilities
* Hydrophobic, will not emulsify
* Wide temperature range. -20°C to 180°C
* Suitable for use in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and clean    environments
* NSF H1 Registered, made with FDA listed ingredients

When safety and quality are the top priority our range of food grade lubricants are tough to beat.

Made using all FDA Listed ingredients, and free of known allergens, every product in this range is NSF Registered and nearly all come with Kosher and Halal approval.

               Gear Range NSF Food Safe Oil            Hydraulic Range NSF Food Safe Oil       Compressor Range NSF Food Safe Oil 

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