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A multi-functional, high performance chlorine free water soluble metalworking fluid
Synsol Aluminium is the latest addition to our very successful Synsol range of long-life coolants. The product is fully protected against aluminium staining, making it ideal for machining aerospace alloys as well as titanium, steel and cast iron. The product has been laboratory tested against all commonly used aerospace aluminium types.

Synsol Aluminium is formulated for use in medium to very hard water areas and overcomes issues associated with instability, corrosion or sticky soap deposits. These problems are caused by water evaporation leaving calcium and magnesium salts to build up in the coolant. It is this salt build up that eventually destabilises emulsions and causes the problems that many areas of the UK especially the South Coast endure.

Synsol Aluminium incorporates the latest performance additives; the product also exhibits excellent lubricity characteristics to provide both good tool life and surface finish. The product is especially formulated to remain clean and stable in the hardest of waters without excessive soap formation and is highly resistant to bacteria formation whilst exhibiting excellent corrosion resistance and operator acceptability.

Typical Operations
 Drilling
4% to 8%
 General machining
4% to 6%
 Reaming
8% to 12%
 Boring
8% to 12%
 Threading,tapping
5% to 10%
 Metal forming
4% to 12%
 Broaching, sawing
8% to 10%
 Turning, milling
4% to 6%

Typical Data
Amber liquid
IP287 corrosion breakpoint
2% (v/v)
Specific Gravity (@20oC)
Emulsion Appearance
Milky White
Loadbearing capacity (kg/mm2)
PH (@ 5% concentration)
Features & Benefits
 Reaming
 Tapping and threading
 Deep hole drilling and boring
 Sawing
 Milling
 Heavy duty turning
 Broaching
 Metal forming
 Contains high level of HP synthetic esters
 Excellent lubricity characteristics
 Low foam at high pressures in hard water
 Suitable on steel, titanium, aluminium alloys and cast iron
 High performance in very hard water
 Excellent corrosion resistance
 High performance in arduous operations
 Good levels of boundary lubrication
 Excellent metal forming

Synsol Aluminium Soluble Cutting Fluid

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