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PRODUCT NAME                            SILVERSEF


PRODUCT CODE                            50165




A high flash, low viscosity oxidation resistant oil.


Recommended for electrical discharge machining.  Readily filterable.  Non corrosive.  Quickly settles metal particles.  Dissipates heat rapidly.  Increases the life of the electrodes.



APPLICATION:   Low viscosity, oxidation resistant oil for use in electrical discharge machining



General:  This product is based on a blend of highly refined mineral base oils.





Flash point                                                                  120 °C             IP 34


KV @ 40 °C                                                                3 - 4.000          IP 71


Relative density @ 15 °C                                           0.832               IP 365


Calcium: % mass                                                       0.010               ICP


Phosphorous: % mass:                                               0.024               ICP


Zinc: % mass:                                                             0.037               ICP


Foaming tendency ml sequence II                             50                    IP 146


Foam stability ml sequence II                                                0                      IP 146             



The above is for information only and does not constitute a specification and shall not involve the Company in any liability whatsoever. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure correct trials are carried out and that the product is fit for the purpose for which it will be utilised.

SILVERSEF Electrical

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