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Super 704 GS+


Enhanced with a higher EP additive package, the new Super703 GS+ All Purpose Grease is a superior performance NLGI 2-grade grease quality formulated with a synthetic base fluid and a special grade polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) constituent to ensure the most promising performance characteristics in the most punishing conditions.
PTFE additives are micronized powders that, when combined with the synthetic base fluid, enhance lubricity and reduce friction. The result is significant improvement on wear resistance. “Stick-slip” problem can virtually be eliminated.
The new Super 704 GS+ provides lasting and consistent protection to metal parts under a wide range of service temperatures from -40°C to 210°C (-40°F to 410°F). While providing long service life at high and low temperatures, Sapphire 704 GS+ also stands up to high loading and severe shock loading service conditions to guard against bearing failure where ordinary greases fall short.
According to 4-Ball EP performance test (ASTM Test Method D-2596), the new Sapphire 704 GS+ achieves a weld load of 500 kgf, representing a remarkable 40% improvement in the grease’s load carrying capacity!


Sapphire 704 GS+ advanced synthetic base fluid features a high viscosity index for excellent film protection at high temperatures and superior low-temperature mobility for outstanding pumpability. Endowed with an advanced formulation including lubricity enhancer PTFE, Super 704 GS+ All Purpose Grease can be trusted in the most versatile applications and under extreme operating conditions.
Super 704 GS+ has a high thermal and mechanical stability and a low rate of evaporation. The intervals between re-greasing can be safely extended even at elevated temperatures. Enhanced with a unique thickening system that warrants a high dropping point, the additives package delivers optimum extreme-pressure properties and excellent resistance to water washout. The lithium complex thickener also gives excellent adhesion, structural stability and resistance to water.
The superior lubricity and enhanced EP property of Super 704 GS+ provide unmatched protection against “stick-slip” and bearing seizure due to lubricant failure under high-loading and high-impact conditions.
As a superior synthetic multi-purpose grease, Super 704 GS+ features low friction characteristics for the reduction of noise and driving torque. Super 704 GS+offers extra protection to metals against rust, corrosion and minimizes grease hardening due to oil oxidation in high-temperature services. Super 704 GS+ provides excellent low temperature pumpability and very low starting and running torque. Super 704 GS+ also offers good mechanical shear stability and a high drop point to resist leakage caused by grease softening and melting.


Sapphire 704 GS+ All Purpose Grease is the genuine multi-purpose lubricating solution for use in:
• All types of ball, roller and plain bearings.
• Rolling bearings in corrugating machines, extruding screw bearings in plastic injection molding machines, conveyor bearings going in and out of ovens and dryers.
• Running gear bearings.
• Long-term use for bearings in cableway and precision engineering application.
• High-speed plain and rolling bearings, e.g. spindle bearings in machine tools.
• Guides.
• Joints, e.g. steering joints and universal joints
• Couplings.
• Automotive applications.
• Disc brake wheel bearings, ball and steering joints.
• Textile machines, threaded spindles, ball screws subject to high loads.
• Severe paper machine applications including high and low temperature environments and exposure to different qualities of water.
• The most critical rolling element bearing applications in paper machines:
o Ideal for the wet end of the paper machine bearings
o Highly loaded press section bearings
o High-temperature felt roll and calendar stack bearings
• Most low-tension (LT), high-tension (HT) & heavy duty industrial motor

Super 704 GS+

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