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Chain and Cable lubricant spray


Chain Lube is a high grade blend of grease, oils and special solvents designed to lubricate and protect all types of cables and low speed chains.

Chain Lube contains lubricants, extreme pressure additives and fast evaporating solvents. Chain Lube penetrates quickly into the centre of the cables providing excellent lubrication to the central core. It will not sling off, drip or dry out even in adverse conditions.

Chain Lube will penetrate chain rollers and links enabling smooth working of all moving parts, thus reducing friction, wear and the possibility of seizure.

Chain Lube is ideal for use on forklift trucks, conveyers, hoists, any mining or quarrying equipment.

Chain Lube is effective at temperatures between -10°C and 170°C for continuous use and up to 200°C for intermittent use.


Physical and Chemical Properties


Appearance – Aerosol

Odour – Organic solvents

Flash Point - < -40°C

Auto Ignition Temperature 410 – 580°C

Flammability Limit – Lower 1.8%     Upper 9.5%

Information given concerns the major ingredients.




  • Shake can well
  • Spray onto the selected area


Disclaimer: The above information is for guidance only. It is given in good faith but without warranty. Users should first carry out their own trails to ascertain the suitability of the product for their intended purpose.



PRO LUBE Wire Chain & Rope Lubricant

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