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Omega 33 Extreme Chemical & Heat Resistant Grease

Omega 33 has the highest tolerance of any liquid base grease in the UK. A diester synthetic compound creates an exceptionally high flashpoint and Omegas level of quality ensures the kind of performance you would expect, backed up with our renowned and patented Megalite additive package. Expect resistance up to 315°C (600°F) for short periods of exposure.



OMEGA 33 – Extreme Heat & Chemical Resistant Grease

  • SPECIAL FEATURES AND KEY BENEFITS: MEGA 26 ThermaSyn FG Grease offers a broad range of operating temperature. Due to its excellent oxidative & thermal stability and high viscosity index, OMEGA 26 performs equally well from -25°C to 280°C. It is designed for lubricating equipment and machineries that are operating continuously under high temperature and high load conditions. It provides excellent protection against wear and outstanding resistance to water and most aggressive chemicals while maintaining its EP performance under high temperature and highload operating conditions. OMEGA 26 ThermaSyn FG Grease offers the lubrication professionals a durable lubricant that may last forever. As a type of PFPE grease, it will not decompose into carbon residues and soot and its thickener will provide additional lubricity. As a result, it will not potentially damage the equipment or machineries to which it applies even if its base fluid does break down. In addition, volatility and vaporization pressure of PFPE is low. OMEGA 26 ThermaSyn FG Grease is nontoxic and does not contain mineral hydrocarbon, animal derived materials, nut oils or genetically modified ingredients. It meets and exceeds the NSF requirement for use in food plants applications involving incidental food contact. With its excellent compatibility with plastics and most elastomers, outstanding chemical and physical properties – good resistance to wear, water and chemicals, EP performance, etc, OMEGA 26 is suitable for use in a wide range of industries to lubricate chains & conveyor systems, O-rings, valves, bearings, slides, and small gears operating in extreme environments. The white and smooth Omega 26 ThermaSyn FG Grease Omega 26 is available in 500gm compact container APPLICATIONS: OMEGA 26’s advanced PFPE base fluid and PTFE thickener make it a super grease suitable for use in a wide range of industries. Suggested applications include (but are not limited to): For Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industries • Lubrication of equipment & machineries in food processing & packing, canning & bottling factories. • Lubrication of bearings and roller bearings of track & chain conveyors going through food baking ovens. Copyright, All rights reserved. ITW PP & F Korea Limited reserves the right to modify or change this product for purposes of improving its performance characteristics. OPIM26-2 Ver. 2.0 Rev. 3.0 Rev. Date: 2 Jan 2019 Reference: CKL For other industries • Lubrication of O-rings, plastics & ceramics, couplings, instruments, valves, circuit breakers & railway switch machine bearings. • Lubrication of plug valves, pressure release valves and pumping equipment handling highly corrosive or reactive liquids. • And many other maintenance applications up to 280 C. DIRECTION FOR USE: • OMEGA 26 ThermaSyn FG Grease NLGI#2 should be applied manually or with a suitable applicator e.g. Grease gun. • Thoroughly clean the applied area of the equipment and machineries prior to application. • Do not mix OMEGA 26 ThermaSyn FG Grease with any other lubricant.

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