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20 litre Ensis Engine Oil 30 Compatible rust preventive engine oil Ensis Engine Oil 30 is oil specially formulated to provide long-term internal protection of gasoline and diesel engines. DESCRIPTION  Good compatibility: Compatible with high performance mineral oil service lubricants to avoid the necessity for costly flushing  Excellent rust prevention: Contain additives to neutralize the acidic products of combustion  Safer handling: High flash points and low volatility - to minimize the fire risk in application and storage  Conforms to requirements as specified in BS 1133, TP6  Ensis Engine oils are compatible with all normal mineral oil seal materials ADVANTAGES Provides internal protection of I.C and C.I engines, gearboxes and trans-missions during shipment, storage or laying up. The protective oil forms an enduring film that will remain on the internal surfaces of the treated equipment to provide excellent protection against corrosion for a considerable period. May also be used as a temporary service lubricant before laying up and recommissioning. Ensis Engine oils may be used as the service lubricant until the first oil change in many types of engine. Ensis Engine oils are applied by using the correct viscosity grade in place of the normal service lubricant for a short period before shut down. APPLICATION TEST TYPICAL VALUE TEST METHOD Appearance Brown oil Specific gravity @ 15°C 0.885 ASTM D 4052 Viscosity @ 40°C, mm2/s 94 ASTM D 445 Flash Point PMCC °C 204 ISO 2719 SAE Viscosity Grade 30 Viscosity Index (VI) 100 ISO 2909 Pour Point °C -18 ISO 3016 TYPICAL PHYSICAL PROPERTIES 05/11 Ensis Engine Oil 30 is used neat as supplied. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE Health and Safety Data Sheets are supplied to customers to comply with Section 6 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and should be closely studied prior to handling or use of the product. Copies are available from your Technical Health and Safety Officer. Various other advisory publications are available from the Health and Safety Executive and Her Majesty's Stationery Office.

Houghton Ensis Engine Oil 30 20 litre

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