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20W/50 is a traditional mineral oil based engine oil suitable for use in gasoline fuelled passenger cars and light duty diesel vehicles. It is formulated from a blend of top quality solvent refined mineral base oils with established detergent / dispersant additive technology and incorporating viscosity index improver polymers to deliver the 20W/50 multi-grade viscosity profile. The 20W/50 viscosity grade classification is designed for severe service conditions and ensures optimum lubrication protection and engine performance in warmer climate conditions.

  • API: SL/CF
  • ACEA: A3/B3
  • MB: 229.1


  • High Temperature Performance
  • Protects against Ring Sticking at High Temperatures
  • Maintains Oil Performance
  • Minimises Oil Consumption
  • High Standard of Engine Cleanliness
  • Excellent Sludge Control Protection designed for Stop-Go City Motoring
  • Long Lasting Dispersant, Anti-Wear and Corrosion Protection

HD3 SAE 20W/50 Engine Oil

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