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A water glycol type fire resistant hydraulic fluid.



FRC WG46 is a premium performance, water containing, synthetic hydraulic fluid, which conforms to the requirements of ISO12922 for type HFC fluids.

FRC WG greatly reduces risks where hydraulic equipment operates near flames, hot surfaces or molten metals and is particularly suited to systems that require a balanced combination of fire resistance and good lubrication.

FRC WG has an exceptional combination of anti-corrosion additives including vapour phase corrosion inhibitors to protect reservoirs and part-filled systems.


High security against fire and explosion

Excellent lubrication and anti-wear characteristics

Reliable protection of systems and components

Multi-metal compatible



Typical applications include steel and aluminium production, pressure die-casting, glassmaking, polymer forming and many other high fire risk industries. FRC VG 46 operates successfully in a wide variety of hydraulic equipment and is suitable for medium to high pressure hydraulic applications.

Performance Levels:

FRC WG  meets or exceeds the requirements of:

Spray Ignition Tests (C.E.C. Luxembourg 7th Report, Factory Mutual, ISO15029).

Factory Mutual - Hot Channel Ignition Test.

ISO14935 Fluid Soaked Wick Test.

FRC WG passes ISO20763 standard tests in a Vickers V104 Vane Pump.

It gives fewer than 100 mg weight loss from ring and vanes at an elevated test pressure of 140bar, a level at which many water glycols cause significant wear.


Contains a highly effective anti-wear package to protect the hydraulic pump even under high loading.  Exhibits excellent anti-corrosion properties to prevent rusting both in liquid and vapour phases.  Contains special inhibitors to protect non-ferrous components from corrosion both copper and aluminium.  Excellent anti-foaming properties this reducing pump cavitation and filter blocking.





Viscosity Grade:                           32 - 46

Flash point (ASTM)                                       None

Fire point (ASTM)                                         None

pH value                                                         9.5

Specific gravity @ 15 deg C                          1.070

Normal maximum operating temp                60 .C

Viscosity @ 40oC cSt                                       39 cSt

Pour point deg C                                             - 40 maximum

Viscosity index                                               140

Vicker vane pump test                                   0.030 grams weight loss


IP 135 rust (Part 1)                                         No rust











The above is for information only and shall not involve the Company in any liability whatsoever. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the product is suitable for the intended application.

FRC VG 46 Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oil

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