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Multi-purpose high temperature grease with good adhesive properties and high mechanical and thermal stability


Properties and Performance:

  • AUTOL TOP 2000 HIGH TEMP is a high pressure grease of the consistence class 2 with exceptionally good adhesive properties.
  • It has an extreme mechanical and thermal stability, protects the lubrication points against corrosion and is water resistant.
  • The combination of the special base oils with the saponification type leads to a high efficiency also under extreme conditions as they prevail in the construction industry, in wheel bearings of large axles or bearings in damp surroundings.


  • AUTOL TOP 2000 HIGH TEMP is a high-pressure high-temperature grease suitable for the lubrication of roller and slide bearings, even under impact loads.
  • AUTOL TOP 2000 HIGH TEMP is especially proven in bearings exposed to high radiation temperatures, such as hot-air fans, bitumen mixing plants etc.  Especially suitable for the application of wheel bearings of fast running respectively disk braked commercial vehicles, passenger cars and trailer tires.
  • Please observe the manufacturer’s specifications when selecting products.

Attention! The highest short-time top temperature permissible is max. +200°C, at permanent temperatures over 160°C regreasing is necessary in shorter intervals corresponding to the thermal load.

Autol TOP 2000 High Temp

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