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LITHIUM EP1, EP2 & EP3.  Premium quality lithium based grease suitable for a wide range of industrial and automotive lubrication requirements.


LITHIUM EPM.  Specially formulated lithium grease with extreme pressure additives and molybdenum disulphide.  Based on a No 2 consistency.  Also suitable for 5th wheel.


COPPER GREASE LFCP.  This lead free product is a specialised lubricant for pipe threaded connections and valves in chemical and petrochemical industry, gas refinery and oil drilling equipment.


NO 1 & 2 SOFT GREASE.  Premium quality anhydrous calcium grease for use in applications requiring water resistance.  Can be used in both anti-friction and plain bearings.


5Z COMPOUND 5th Wheel Grease.  A residual compounded lubricant recommended for use where a heavy adhesive oil is required.  Ideal for hostile environments where open gears, wire ropes and chains need to be lubricated and weatherproofed.


LITHIUM COMPLEX EP2.  This lubricating grease has been specially developed and conforms to the latest specifications.  It has exceptional stability performance over a wide temperature range and is suitable for all anti-friction and plain bearing applications.  Outstanding results in the most difficult lubricating conditions.


BENTONE GREASE 1, 2 & 3.  Based on modified clays dispersed in mineral oils this grease is ideal for high temperature applications where the structure of the grease is required to retain its structure without drop.


BENTONE 2M.  As above but enhanced with the dry foam lubricant molybdenum disulphide.


LSF0, LSF00, LSF000. Lithium Semi-Fluid Greases.  Premium quality semi-fluid grease recommended for use in enclosed systems that would incorporate spur, worm, helical and bevel gears, wire ropes and chains subjected to high load conditions.  This grease may also be used as a wire rope lubricant, working under all conditions.


NG10.  Specialised complex aluminium grease heavily loaded with dry film additives.  Giving a tenacious strong black film strength.  Capable of withstanding heavy shock loading.  Ideal in slow moving heavy plain bearings, ball mill bearings, etc.


ET 315 HIGH TEMPERATURE GREASE.  Designed for very high temperatures up to 600C such as are encountered in kiln car bearings, furnace door gear, drying tunnels and in the glass industry.


WHITE BRAKE GREASE. A premium quality anhydrous grease for use in applications requiring water resistance.


G360 GREASE.  Premium quality long fibred grease used in applications requiring a long lasting tough, durable film.  Recommended for use on automotive final drives on trucks and tractors where difficulty with leakage is experienced and generally on farm equipment.  Interpreted by IARC as being non-carcinogenic.


WHITE PETROLEUM JELLY.  A British Pharmacopoeia quality grade of white petroleum jelly.  Suitable for medicinal and food industries as well as more industrial applications, ie. battery terminal protection, etc.


WHITE FOOD MACHINERY.  Grease recommended for use where contact with food is not anticipated although incidental contact may occur.  This grease is a premium quality anhydrous grease for use in all anti-friction and plain bearings found in food processing environments.


VALVE SEAL.  Silicone compound for lubrication of valves and mineral/rubber seals over a wide temperature range.


STERN TUBE GREASE.  A medium consistency, water repellent marine grease for stern tubes.

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