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Food Safe Grease 

Quartz Range

Dedicated greases for Food - Drink - Pharmaceutical industries

QUARTZ WFM      00-20°C TO +110°C

Premium quality multi-purpose calcium soap thickened food grade greases for use in all anti-friction and plain bearings found in food processing environments.  Provides a high degree of resistance to water and corrosion. Contains white load bearing solids to reduce wear and extend component life.

QUARTZ SAC Food Plus 2      00-50°C TO +170°C    Synthetic Aluminium

Quartz SAC FOOD PLUS 2 grease is designed to cover a wide range of food safe applications, encompassing extremes of temperature, wet and saturated environments, heavily loaded applications and where there is a presence of dust and other contaminants. Quartz FOOD PLUS 2 greases contain extreme pressure / anti-wear additives and PTFE to provide a high degree of load carrying performance.  Suitable for all plain and anti-friction bearings as well as sliding surfaces.  The FOOD PLUS range of greases is available in NLGI Nos. 2, 1 and 00.

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