Known alternatives: Fuchs CHEMPLEX SI 511 Medium 

LUBCON - High Temperature Grease 
THAMES SIL TF is a non-ageing- silicon grease on Polyurea-base with white solid lubricants and a selected silicon basic oil which allows temperatures up to +230 °C.  
THAMES SIL TF is especially qualified for lubrication at high/low temperatures. The temperature range is between -40 °C to +230 °C. 
Technical Data                                                 THAMES SIL TF 
Temperature range (°C) -40 to +230 Short time +250 
Consistency class NLGI 2 
Worked penetration 265 - 295 
Dropping point DIN 51802 (°C) >+230 
Water resistance DIN 51807 completely resistant  
Operative Ranges  
Roller and friction bearings in general, especially household-machines and transporting plants.  
THAMES SIL TF can also be recommended for lubrication of plastic parts as well as coupling socket joints.  
Original Packaging 
25 x 100 g tubes, 6 x 1 kg cans, 25 kg hobbock, 20 x 400 g cartridges 

Thames SIL TF

Available Sizes

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