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A specially formulated silicone oil compound for the lubrication of high performance fitness machines operating over high and low speeds and a wide temperature range.


Resistant to many organic chemicals, hot and cold water, low pressure steam, and many gasses. 

Provides lubrication and protection for ‘O’ rings seals and other gaskets manufactured from Rubber and Nitrile materials.

This extremely high performance product is a translucent, non-staining water-white grease.

Thixotropic in nature the product adjusts its consistency in relation to the speeds and demands put upon it.

Ideal high performance lubricant for sliding surfaces

Compatible with most rubbers, runners, rollers and seals.

Highly Water Resistant

When applied thinly to cleaned surfaces Silicone grease offers perfect lubricity as required by high performance machine manufacturers



The above is for information only and shall not involve the Company in any liability whatsoever.





    Silicone Oil 1000 is a 1000 centistoke polydimethylsiloxane silicone oil.


    • Release agent. Used purely or as a part of a compounded formula silicone 1000 provides a non-toxic, noncarbonising mould release for rubber, plastics and metal die-castings.

     • Anti-foam agent. Very small quantities of the fluid are very effective as a foam control agent, especially in non-aqueous systems.

    • Mechanical fluid. The very high viscosity-index, the thermal and chemical stability, shear-breakdown resistance and the rubber compatibility as well as the compressibility make this fluid outstanding for mechanical and hydraulic uses.

    • Lubricant. The fluid provides excellent lubricating properties for most plastic and elastomeric surfaces. Lubricity with metals depends upon the possible combinations such as P.T.F.E., MoS2 and other lubricity improvers.

     • In polishes and chemical specialties. Silicone oil is used in most automobile and furniture polishes for its ease of application, high gloss with a minimum rubbing and durable water repellent film.

    • In electrical and electronic equipment. Because of the excellent dielectric properties silicone oil is widely used as an insulating and damping fluid.

    Typical Characteristics:

    Product Description Appearance Clear liquid

    Odour Characteristic Composition

    Substance Polydimethylsiloxane % by Weight 100

    Property Unit Value Viscosity cSt 1000

    Flashpoint °C COC >300

    Freezing Point °C -50

    Specific gravity @ 25°C 0.970

    Surface tension mN/m 21.2

     Refractive index 1.403

    Features and Benefits:


    • Little change in physical properties over a wide temperature range.

    • The fluids are thermally stable at 150°C for extended time intervals.

    • Excellent water repellence.

    • Low surface tension. The fluid readily wets clean surfaces to impart water repellence and release characteristics.

    • Low toxicity.


    • Good foam builder

    • Imparts soft silky feel to the hair

    • Ensures smooth wet shaving foams

    • Non-irritant to skin

    The above is for information only and shall not involve the Company in any liability whatsoever.


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