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This synthetic grinding fluid will disperse readily into water to form bio stable transparent micro emulsions or colloidal dispersions which are highly resistant to bacterial breakdown.  This highly stable product exhibits superior wetting and cooling characteristics and promotes excellent workpiece visibility ensuring effective usage on a wide range of multi functional machining and grinding operations.

Non Phenolic, Chlorine and Nitrite free, it effectively resists bacterial degradation.  When added to water will form a clear fluorescent green solution.




Exceptionally long fluid life.

Effective lubrication of machine tool fixtures.

Highly resistant to bacterial degradation.

Excellent hard water stability.

Good anti corrosion stability.

Low odour levels promoting a high degree of operator acceptability.

High degree of tolerance to tramp oil contamination.

Excellent cooling properties and provides good surface finish.

Suitable for most ferrous and non-ferrous metals.




Recommended water to oil ratios:-


Surface & cylindrical grinding                                      50:1  to  30:1

Centreless grinding                                                    30:1  to  20:1

Form grinding                                                            20:1  to  10:1


Where exceptionally hard water is used the concentrate can be increased by one fifth  i.e.  2 .5%  (40:1)  to  3%  (33:1).



The above is for information only and shall not involve the Company in any liability whatsoever.

SYNSOL G Grinding Fluid

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