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With over 70 years experience, exporting lubricants to all parts of the world we can assure our customers that their order, documentation and freight forwarding will be handled in an exceptionally professional manner. Our packaging is all designed for export purposes and correctly loaded into containers and will reach its destination in pristine condition. High quality "own branding" of product is carried out to customers requirements and we are always prepared to quote for lubricants not listed on our website.

A professional approach to export

Modern technology using our Internet Service Thames Lubricants Ltd means that we are constantly seeking to appoint new distributors worldwide. Our distributor network is linked 24/7 to our Internet Service Centre, bringing our manufacturing facilities closer than ever before to our distributors and their customers. Health & Safety, Technical Data, Order Status, and much more is available at all times

We look forward to helping with any enquiries

Lubricant Oil manufacture export

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