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THAMES SILKGEAR VG 320 is uniquely formulated specialist package containing highly refined, high performance synthetic base fluids and esters.

The specialist tailored performance package of synthetic components are blended and composed to produce a gear lubricant designed to operate at the leading edge of industrial transmission demands.

THAMES SILKGEAR VG 320 is a clear easy flowing liquid.

Whilst SILKGEAR is readily miscible with all conventional mineral oils ideally all existing gear oil should be drained before use as residue can only serve to dilute and degrade performance.



Excellent thermal stability

  •      Low oxidation
  •      Excellent low temperature performance
  •      Excellent high temperature performance
  •      Superb film strength
  •      Anti wear performance
  •      Excellent Anti corrosion capabilities


The above is for information only and shall not involve the Company in any liability whatsoever.

It is the users responsibility to ensure the product is suitable for the application

SILKGEAR VG 320 Synthetic Industrial Gear Oil

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