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HYDEX VG 680 Heavy Duty Hydraulic Oil 


Premium anti-wear hydraulic oils. 

The product is rust and oxidisation inhibited and contains an effective anti-foam agent to permit the rapid release of air. Eliminating “sponginess” in system response.  

The remarkable anti wear properties arise from a zinc type agent that helps minimise wear in both high speed pressure vane and gear pumps.  Further, the oil meets the lubrication requirements of axial piston pumps.

Hydex Hydraulic oils are highly stable under thermal and oxidative stress and in the presence of moisture.

Hydrolization is minimised.  Water does not affect their filterability.


T H A M E S HYDEX VG 32 Hydraulic Fluid is manufactured from only the finest qualityVirgin Base oils. Beware of low grade re-claimed imitations.



Hydex VG 680 Hydraulic Oil

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