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Technical Data Sheet

CAT 10W Transmission Oil               

Caterpillar TO-4 Allison C4

Cat 10W Transmission Oil is a high quality mono-grade oil designed to meet the requirements of Caterpillar transmissions and drives. Cat 30W is formulated from solvent refined paraffinic base oils and high performance additives to provide excellent frictional characteristic together with high anti-wear and extreme pressure performance.

Cat 10W is recommended for a wide range of lubrication applications, such as powershift and hydrostatic transmissions, final drives and hydraulic systems in vehicles where Caterpillar TO-4 and/or Allison C4 performance is specified.



Excellent Frictional Characteristics for Optimum Powershift Transmission Performance

Good Anti-Wear and Corrosion ProtectionHigh Resistance to Oxidation for Long Life Lubrication


These data are typical of current production, and whilst future production will meet these specifications, some variation in typical data may occur.

CAT 10 W Transmission Oil TO4

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