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High performance, environmentally friendly hydraulic fluid and lubricating oil based on selected, saturated synthetic esters, Type HEES according to VDMA 24568.  Greenfield 32 HVI meets the requirements of the UK Environment Agency for Environmentally Acceptable Hydraulic Oils.


It has been recognised for a number of years now that the use of mineral oil based lubricants pose certain environmental risks.  Leakages, emissions and spillages when handling hydraulic fluids leads to direct pollution of the surroundings and thus the environment.  This fact led Thames Lubricants to develop rapidly biodegradable lubricants based on synthetic esters.


Features and Benefits


Rapidly biodegradable (greater than 90% within 14 days according to CEC-L-33-A-94).

None water polluting.

Meets the requirements of the UK Environment Agency for Environmentally Acceptable Hydraulic Oils.

Non-toxic, physiologically harmless according to current European regulations.

Free of heavy metals and zinc.  Ashless.

Greenfield VHVI oils have excellent low temperature characteristics.

Resists ageing and oxidation.

Allows oil change intervals to be extended when compared to mineral oil based products.

Displays excellent viscosity-temperature behaviour because of its high natural VI.

Has excellent anti-wear properties and exceeds stage 12 in the FZG test.

Remains shear stable even under the harshest of conditions.

Offers excellent air release and thus effectively prevents harmful foaming.

Non-water soluble and is thus trapped and rapidly biodegraded in the upper layers of the ground if a spillage occurs.

Greenfield VHVI has demulsifying properties, i.e. it displaces water.

Is compatible with elastomers, plastics and paint finishes as are equivalent viscosity mineral oil based products.

Can be used at tank temperatures ranging from -35 to +90.C and even over 100.C for short periods.

Greenfield VHVI is fully compatible with all material usually found in hydraulic systems.  The base fluids and additives used in this product are non-toxic according to current European regulations.  The fluid is free of heavy metals and chlorinated compounds.

Greenfields Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil VG 32

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