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Aluminium Anti-Seize Compound


Product Description


A premium quality anti-seize compound containing soft aluminium solid lubricant.  Specially developed for use on applications on aluminium fasteners requiring low sulphur, chlorine and fluorine levels, thus reducing corrosion.  This compound is formulated to be used in extreme environments of heat up to 760 °C and is excellent for protection of threaded connections, exposed surfaces and flanges.  Aluminium Antiseize Compound is compatible with plastics and metals.


Cost Saving Benefits


  • Prevents seizure and galling during assembly thus reducing assembly time
  • ·    Protects against pitting and therefore prolongs component life
  • ·    Prevents rusting, fretting and corrosion in exposed conditions
  • ·    Enables quick dismantling of components saving on maintenance time
  • ·    Enables parts to be reused after dismantling so reducing the cost of replacing components.


Method of Application


Apply sparingly to the component surfaces by brush or lint free cloth.  To obtain the best possible anti-seize protection of threaded fasteners, ensure that both the threaded surfaces to be assembled are completely coated.


Typical Data                 


Appearance                                                                 Silver grey smooth paste

NLGI Classification                                                   1 / 2

Thickener                                                                    Organically modified clay

Total Solids Content                                                  10%

Temperature resistance (as an anti-seize)                 760 °C

Temperature range (as a lubricant)                            -20°C  to +200°C

Copper corrosion (IP112)                                           1b


Technically equivalent to MIL-A-907D specification for High Temperature Anti-seize Compound.


The above is for information only and shall not involve the Company in any liability whatsoever.




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