Silkgear VG 1000 is a synthetic industrial gear lubricant.  The highest performance synthetic components are blended and composed to produce a gear lubricant designed to operate at the leading edge of transmission demands.


Available in a range of viscosities to suit all applications this product exhibits exceptional thermal stability in both hot and cold environments.


Reinforced surface film strength and extreme pressure protection additives demonstrate superior cushioning anti-wear, anti-corrosion and frictional characteristics.


Silkgear 460 is a clean, easy flowing liquid.  Ideally all existing gear oil should be drained before use as residue can only serve to dilute and degrade performance.





Industrial applications:-        


                                                USS 224                      DIN 51517 PT 3

                                                USS 460                      DAVID BROWN SI 5.3 101 E

                                                AGMA 250.04            General anti-wear control in

                                                                                    industrial systems.




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SILKGEAR VG 1000 Synthetic Industrial Gear Oil

Available Sizes

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