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This lubricant have been developed to meet the strictest technical requirements typically required for oil flooded, rotary screw air compressors.


It is based on a carefully balanced blend of esters and polyolefin, formulated to give extremely good thermal stability and oxidation stability with anti-wear and extreme pressure properties, low deposit formation and long service.




In contrast to conventional compressor oils these lubricants can:-


  • Reduce maintenance costs by extending drain intervals up to 8,000 hours of 12 months operation.


  • Improve oil receiver performance by virtue of its low foaming.


  • Provide excellent demulsibility which is needed for rapid and complete water separation.  This is particularly important when operating conditions cause accumulation of condensate in the separator tank.


  • Reduce oil carry over by virtue of the low volatility.


  • Reduce the risk of fire at air and discharge and in the oil/air separator tank owing to the superior oxidation and thermal stability.


  • Exhibit excellent anti-wear and extreme pressure properties thus making the fluids suitable for all types of compressors and other demanding applications in hostile environments.


  • The ashless nature of these fluids ensures that there can be no build up of hard inorganic deposits.




Prior to filling with the working charge of Thames Synthetic Compressor Oils:-


  • The old charge of fluid should be drained to preclude the introduction of oxidative breakdown products that would reduce the service life of the new fill.
  • If necessary components should be modified to ensure satisfactory compatibility. (see guidelines)
  • If for practical reasons the oil system cannot be fully drained or if previous lubricants have left it in a less that desirable state it may be necessary to flush the system.


Should a flushing charge be used it is recommended that the compressor be operated at normal working temperature for about 5 hours before being drained while it is still warm.




Care should be taken to ensure that constructional and other materials such as seal components are compatible with these fluids.  Some guidelines are provided below.




Viton (The Du Pont Company)

Nitrile Rubber (>30% acrylonitrile)

Teflon (The Du Pont Company)

Fluorosilicone rubber

Fluorocarbon polymers


Expoxy paint


Not Recommended


Butyl rubber

Polycarbonate (marginal compatibilty)


Nitrile Rubber (<30% acrylonitrile)





Acrylic paint


All the information above is based on results gained from experience and tests and is believed to be accurate but given without acceptance of liability for or damage attributable to reliance thereon as conditions of use lie outside our control.

SILKAIR 1520 Synthetic Compressor Oil

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