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5W/40 semi-synthetic engine oil is a unique combination of highly refined mineral and synthetic base oils incorporating high performance engine oil additives to deliver a lubricant with exceptional performance and engine protection. The reduced frictional characteristics of this 5W/30 oil provides a balance of enhanced fuel economy with extra power output.

  • API: SL/CF
  • ACEA: A1-12/B1-12,
  • Ford: WSS M2C 913-A
  • Ford: WSS M2C 913-B


  • Excellent Thermal Stability
  • Low Chlorine Formulation, (for safer and easier disposal or recycling)
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency
  • Suitable for use in Ford Zetec engines
  • Improved Engine Cleanliness
  • Low Oil Consumption and Low Emissions
  • Rapid Circulation on Start-up
  • Reduced Pinking and Combustion Chamber Deposits at Extreme Temperatures, (300°C)

The above is for information only and shall not involve the Company in any liability whatsoever.

ZT 5W/40 Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil

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