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A premium quality mixed soap grease, reinforced with Extreme Pressure (EP) and anti-corrosion additives, designed for use in all anti-friction and plain bearings subjected to high load, and where water washout or ingress is a problem. 
COST SAVING BENEFITS   1. Good mechanical stability extends lubrication intervals 2. Excellent load carrying and shock load resistance properties reduces premature component wear  3. High level of water resistance ensures long lubricant service life 4. Full corrosion protection of working surfaces reduces component costs 
WATERSHED 2 can be applied by hand, or by using a standard grease gun or via a central lubricating system designed for and capable of pumping an NLGI No.2 grease; consult a qualified centralised lubricatioin systems engineer before installation. As with all greases used for the first time, check compatibility with the grease applied previously and if necessary purge bearings prior to application. Likewise, as a general rule, take care not to over-lubricate and apply the quantity of grease recommended by the bearing manufacturer. 
Properties Specification Results Appearance - Smooth Grease Colour - Light Brown NLGI classification - 2 Thickener - Lithium Calcium Base oil - Refined mineral oil Worked penetration IP50 265-295 Dropping point (°C) IP132 140 min Oil separation  (%) IP121 3 max Copper corrosion Aluminium Corrosion IP112 Pass Pass Pass Resistance to corrosion Emcor (a) IP 220 0:0 Water washout  @ 39°C  % ASTM D1264 2 Four Ball Weld Load (kgs) IP 239 285 Operating temperature range - -20ºC +140ºC 


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