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The product is a transparent, colourless, oily liquid, free from fluorescence by daylight, odourless or almost odourless and gives not more than a faint odour when heated.

The product is blended from stocks complying with both the British and European Pharmacopoeia Monographs and supplied under our Medicines Licence No. ML2021/01 in compliance with the requirements of the Medicines Act 1968 and in accordance with the rules and principles of good manufacturing. 



  • Medicinal, Pharmaceutical & Veterinary preparations
  • Cosmetic, toiletry & household preparations
  • Textile dressings
  • Plastics processing and blow moulding
  • Agriculture sprays & animal feed
  • Packaging & paper preservative and moisture repellent
  • As a lubricant on surfaces with which food has necessarily come into incidental contact during the course of preparation.



Sewing Machine Oil 32

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